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Quite a contrast here. "Ballets Russes" is a documentary chronicling the famous Ballets Russes troupes in their post-Diaghilev era, and this CD has just been released (December 2005). "The Blood of Heroes" was a post-apocalyptic gladiator movie from 1989, and the soundtrack has been available since 1995.

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Music Samples


These are music samples from the scores listed. If you have a dialup connection, you can download mp3 files using the Download links. On a 56K modem, downloading will take about 4 minutes per MB. Streaming will not work.

With a fast connection (dsl, cable modem), you can use the Streaming links. When you click on the link, a small file is downloaded that tells your browser to launch your default mp3 player. The player briefly pre-buffers the stream and then starts playing the music.

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The Blood of Heroes
  Juggers Coming Streaming Download  (1.7MB)  
  Main Title Streaming Download  (1.6MB)  
  Struggle Streaming Download  (1.5MB)  
  Sanctuary Streaming Download  (1.4MB)  
  Vigil Streaming Download  (1.5MB)  
Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart
  A Place in the World Streaming Download  (1.2MB)  
  Waltz Streaming Download  (0.8MB)  
Earth and the American Dream
  Manifest Destiny Streaming Download  (2.7MB)  
  Can You Spare a Dime? Streaming Download  (1.2MB)  
  Our Only Earth Streaming Download  (2.4MB)  
Hard Act to Follow
  Dream Streaming Download  (1.3MB)  
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse
  Theme Streaming Download  (1.3MB)  
Hot Summer Winds
  End Credits Streaming Download  (1.5MB)  
Loyalty and Betrayal: The Story of the American Mob
  Main Title Streaming Download  (1.5MB)  
The Man Who Counted
  Main Title Streaming Download  (1.4MB)  
  Comedians and Creeps Streaming Download  (1.4MB)  
  End Credits Streaming Download  (1.4MB)  
Maria's Story
  Opening Streaming Download  (2.0MB)  
Memorial: Letters From American Soldiers
  Homecoming Streaming Download  (1.8MB)  
A Midwife's Tale
  Sally Arrives Streaming Download  (1.9MB)  
  Martha Thru The Seasons Streaming Download  (1.4MB)  
Nina Takes A Lover
  Love Growing Streaming Download  (1.4MB)  
  Main Title Streaming Download  (1.5MB)  
  Studying Streaming Download  (1.0MB)  
The Outsider
  Morning Streaming Download  (1.8MB)  
  The Outsider Comes Streaming Download  (2.1MB)  
  Trapped Streaming Download  (1.3MB)  
  She Lives Streaming Download  (1.3MB)  
Round Eyes in the Middle Kingdom
  Leaving China Streaming Download  (1.1MB)  
Señorita Extraviada
  Prelude Streaming Download  (1.3MB)  
  Ciudad Juarez Streaming Download  (1.5MB)  
  Voices Without an Echo Streaming Download  (1.6MB)  
  Testimony Streaming Download  (2.0MB)  
  Mother Streaming Download  (0.9MB)  
  Main Title Streaming Download  (1.7MB)  
  First Flight Streaming Download  (1.0MB)  
  Fly to Mexico Streaming Download  (0.9MB)  
  Francesca's Family Streaming Download  (1.2MB)  
Yosemite: The Fate of Heaven
  Hymn Streaming Download  (2.8MB)  
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